Who We Are

  • OMAC Leadership from left to right (Scott Velasquez, Bridget Collier, Terrell Odom and Mitchell Kittlaus)

  • OMAC leadership conducting a synthesis on needs assessment for military-affiliated students with the Diversity and Inclusion Studio.

Bridget Collier

Associate Provost for Equal Opportunity Programs
T: 773.702.5671

The daughter and wife of a veteran, Bridget leads the Office of the Provost Equal Opportunity Programs, which includes the Office for Military-Affiliated Communities. 

Bridget provides leadership and guidance to the Office for Military-Affiliated Communities and is a champion for initiatives and programs for the entire military-affiliated community.  

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Terrell Odom

Director, Office for Military-Affiliated Communities
T: 773.702.1527

Terrell is responsible for developing and coordinating efforts and specialized programs for the University’s military-affiliated communities, including undergraduate, graduate and professional students, faculty, staff, and all of their families. Terrell works closely with campus partners on applicable University policies and procedures, academic affairs, recruiting and admission, financial aid, housing, registrar services, campus and student life, and career counseling.

Terrell is a U.S. Navy veteran, having served as a hospital corpsman onboard naval ships, hospitals and alongside the U.S. Marines. He also serves as a licensed Veteran Services Officer and is able to assist veterans and their dependents with disability claims, indemnity payments and other services. 

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Scott Velasquez

Executive Director, Equal Opportunity and Access
T: 773.702.7994

Scott serves as the Director, Office for Affirmative Action, and he supports the Office for Military-Affiliated Communities with recruitment, outreach and planning. 

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Mitchell Kittlaus

Associate Director for Equal Opportunity Programs
T: 773.702.0287

Mitchell is the Associate Director for Equal Opportunity Programs and, in this role, Mitchell assists the Office for Military-Affiliated Communities in veterans outreach and engagement efforts. Mitchell is instrumental in planning events and programming tailored to the military-affiliated community.

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