The unique skill sets and experiences of veterans and military-affiliated individuals are needed in order to confront the most pressing issues of our times.

Through their service, veterans have developed understanding and skill sets that have uniquely prepared them for the kind of interdisciplinary thinking that opens up new opportunities and offers original solutions—the kind of interdisciplinary thinking that the University so highly prizes. At the University of Chicago, they experience a transformational education where diverse perspectives contribute to the classroom, ideas are shared, and debate and discussion are encouraged. Students and faculty come to the University seeking to explore ideas with people from a range of backgrounds. Veterans and military-affiliated individuals add to the diverse perspectives that the University convenes, and also benefit from them.

Prospective Students

The University of Chicago supports a range of benefits and programming for veterans seeking education, including: 

Additional information is available from: 

Current Students

Enrolled students will find helpful information detailed below from the Registrar’s Office, ​

as well as from these offices:

In addition, the Center for Scholarly Advancement provides information about the ROTC program at the University. 

Student Groups