Ruck March 2022

  • Michele Rasmussen, Dean of Students in the University

  • Deborah Gorman-Smith, Dean of the Crown Family School of Social Work, Policy, and Practice

  • US Army Major Karen Hernandez, Executive Director for Chicago Veterans

On Saturday, May 28, 2022, the University of Chicago joined Chicago Veterans to raise awareness of suicide prevention efforts and fight to reduce the stigma around mental health. We're addressing an important issue that affects many people every single day, including our military veteran community. An estimated 126 people die by suicide each day in the US, 17 of them being military veterans. 

Every Memorial Day weekend since 2014, veterans, family members, and friends from all over the United States come together to walk in honor and remembrance of those we lost at home and on the battlefield. This year our Ruck March is 17-miles instead of 22-miles representing the 17 veterans we lose every single day to suicide, down from 22 veterans a few years ago.

Starting from the Midway Plaisance Park, to Milton Olive Lee Park, and back to the Midway Plaisance, we walked 17 miles to support our heroes at home. 

Learn more about Chicago Veterans by clicking here.

The Honorable Judge Bill Hooks and Cook County Veterans Affairs Director Deanna Love

Cook County Assessor Fritz Kaegi

Military-Affiliated Students of Harris (MASH) came out to support the Ruck March

The University of Chicago Deans on Call and Military Affinity Group (MAG) support the Ruck March

OMAC Lead Research Associate, Dr. Erin McFee, and Social Sciences Graduate Student and OMAC Research Assistant, Dr. McAllister Collins

US Army and Marine Corps Veteran Frank Gutierrez